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Prophetic word by Brenda Kaplan
April 20, 2008
My children, I love to hear you praise me. The songs are so inviting and I choose to inhabit them as I promised I would do in my Word, to inhabit the praises of my people.
Your words as you declare your love for me stirs my heart and it causes me to draw closer to you desiring to answer your heart’s cry.
When you pray for the sick your faith moves me to answer your prayers and touch the one needing healing.
Your prayer’s binding the strong man excites my heart to see you taking authority in my name and that causes me to move on your behalf.
When you become my living shofar and prophecy the word I’ve placed within you it brings great joy to my heart. And these words will not return void but will accomplish what I’ve sent them to do.
When I hear you blessing a brother or sister to encourage and edify them, I am moved with such great compassion as you allow me to flow thru you to reach out and touch the hurting and those in need.
When you do these things in my name you are doing what I’ve called you to do. You are causing my kingdom to come and my will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. 
When you speak in this kind of love you are in my perfect will and there’s nothing that I will not do for you. And you will hear people saying to you, “I see the favor of God resting upon you.” 
But my children, when I hear you speak words of death and destruction I am so very grieved. Those words actually chip away at the very foundation that my kingdom was built upon.
I spoke and the world was created. I blessed the world…I blessed the heavens and the seas and all that was in them above and below…I blessed the fruit of the vine…..I
blessed the fields….I blessed the heavens to rain down and water the earth for a great harvest.
And I’ve blessed you to be a blessing. 
When you touch my anointed servants by the words you speak, when you curse those in leadership in the church or when you speak ill of your brother or sister, when you curse the local and national government and its leaders,
When you allow your words to hurt your spouse, degrade family members, speak death to your children pronouncing curses upon their heads,
When your tongue wags and you can’t control it my anger burns within me. This must not be and it must stop.
I tell you to choose this day life or death, blessing or cursing. You cannot serve two Gods. Sweet and bitter should not flow from the same mouth.
I tell you my children I’m about to do something so wonderful, so huge, so big, so fantastic and I want you to be a part of it. I want you to join with the army of God who will wield the sword of the spirit and by their mouth speak the word of God to heal the sick, break cords of bondage, loose the captive, move mountains and change our cities and the nations.
Your words will raise the dead! Not only the spiritually dead but the physically dead as well. 
I need you and desperately want you to be part of this awesome move……and it’s coming by the words we speak.
Stop your murmuring, stop complaining and stop back-biting. Stop being haughty or superior minded. You are not the gift to the world……I Am.
Bless those that persecute and hurt you. Begin blessing your enemies and I will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies and cause them to bless you.
You are a blessed people so act like blessed people. Penetrate your atmosphere with positive life-filled words. Don’t open your mouths unless you intend to bless the person, place, environment, inanimate objects or situation.
When you speak blessings in all areas of your life, then I will bless you far beyond what you ever thought possible. If you will start today by speaking blessings on everything, in everything and over everything you will find the heavens will open and pour out blessings on you that cannot be contained.
World changers are Blessers! Those used mightily in my kingdom are Blessers! Those in whom I am most pleased are Blessers!
As you continue to bless Me and others, I will bless you!

Prophetic Word by Brenda Kaplan
June 5, 2007
Revival Fires in Sierra Vista
Revival Fires! Revival Fires! The Lord is coming in Revival Fire to Sierra Vista. If you look you will see the fire and smoke in the distance but it is quickly approaching and will consume your city.
The fire of God will burn in those hidden places; it will burn in the visible places; it will burn in the recesses of the hearts of man to consume all that stands in the way and has blinded the eyes of God’s people.
The fire comes as a refiner to purify you and your city. You will say it looks so black and dead. But look closely for there springs new life and hope. You will see new life springing up everywhere.
The fire of God is coming to Sierra Vista and that fire is moving through Sierra Vista to destroy the spirit of crime and destruction and the crime rate is going down. It’s coming to destroy the spirit of sickness and death and hospitals will begin to empty because patients will encounter the healing fire of God.   It’s coming to destroy the high places that declare we don’t need God. Revival fires are coming to Sierra Vista.
Sierra Vista is a City of God. It will be called a City of God. It will be written in history books of the great revival in Sierra Vista.
This fire will burn and those lost and dying without a savior will see and come to the light thinking they will receive warmth, food and find safety. They will receive the Bread of Life to satisfy and give them life eternal; the water of the word to quench their thirst and water their dry and parched land; and they will find the peace of God that passes all understanding and experience safety in the Shadow of the Most High God.
Get ready churches. Train up and prepare the saints. Make room. Teach them to decree and prophecy the word of the Lord over your city. Teach them to speak to their circumstances to bend its knee to Almighty God. Teach them to prophecy and declare God’s word over their city. Teach them to prophecy while moving about in their homes, driving around in their city and speaking to one another to prophecy REVIVAL FIRES in Sierra Vista!
Prophetic Word by Brenda Kaplan
Oct. 5, 2006
“I was broken and spilled out for you,” says the Lord.
I ministered from a place of brokenness when I could have called 10,000 angels to come to my aid.
My purpose on earth was to do My Father’s will, to point people to the Father to tell them and show them His heart for His children.
And you my sons and daughters, I’m calling you from your place of brokenness.
To minister my love, mercy and compassion you must come from a place of brokenness. 
To speak the word of God that will be effectual and have tremendous results must come from a place of brokenness.
Moses came from a place of brokenness to speak the word of the Lord, “Let My People Go.”
Joseph came from a place of brokenness to interpret the King’s dream and become second in command to the King.
Esther came from a place of brokenness to deliver the Jewish people.
I expect no less from you my children. I’m looking for someone who has come from the posture of brokenness with no self-confidence or self-reliance but one of total dependence on Me.
You are a group of GateKeepers that I’m asking to roar over your cities. You shall decree and proclaim a word and when it comes through that place of brokenness that word will not fall to the ground but it will be fulfilled because it came from the place of brokenness that I will honor.
I’m not looking for self-confidence or someone repeating what they heard someone else say – but I’m looking for that one who has risen from the ashes, who trembles at my Name and will only declare the word of the Lord that is given you.
I will perform those words and you are going to see signs, wonders and miracles. 
And I tell you this, the words you speak over your city and its inhabitants, before the last word is formed on your lips it will be established just as I told my servant Job to decree a thing and it will be established.
Keep your spiritual ears keen and sharp, listening for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to say “Speak forth My word” for I am increasing the voice of the prophetic, connecting them to the gatekeepers of the city, and people will say, “I hear thunder” but I tell you it will be the voice of the Lord roaring through my prophetic children. It will be a pure word that can only flow through a broken vessel.
There’s going to be an increase of the prophetic not only in the church but you’ll take that word to the highways and the by-ways for there are many that will be set free when they hear the prophetic word. Chains will be broken and curses cancelled by the prophetic word. Kingdom rule will be established.
So I say, “Embrace your place of brokenness.” Don’t say “not again” or “why me”, but let Me hear you say, “let it do its perfect work and I embrace the brokenness, because I do it for you Lord.”
True victory, favor, anointing and obedience come through brokenness.

Prophetic word by Brenda Kaplan
Oct. 10, 2006
My children I tell you the time is coming when you won’t have time to fast and pray or seek counsel before you move. The time is coming when you will need to be instant in season and out of season. I have deposited into your spirits the word of the Lord. You have been taught week after week in your churches. You listen to tapes and read Christian books. You are filled and overflowing and yet you still sit and are waiting, thinking you’re not prepared. Don’t believe the lie of the enemy that you need to hear more preaching, listen to more tapes and read more books. I tell you children NOW you are ready for battle.
Bridle your tongues! They are a gateway for the enemy to come in and bring discouragement and defeat. Life and death are in the power of the tongue so don’t yield your tongue to the enemy but speak words of life.
There are victories on the horizon but the victories are coming through warfare. The magnitude of the enemy is going to increase and cause you to want to run and hide and then you’ll be defeated. But I tell you there are more with you than against you. I tell you to rise up in the strength of the Lord.  I tell you to move forward declaring and decreeing the word of the Lord. 
There’s no stopping the army of God. I’m stirring your hearts with a mighty resolve and determination being deposited into your spirits. Speak to your inner man and say, “why are you down cast down, oh my soul?” “Why do you wait and who are you afraid of?” Don’t let the battle continue to rage and you still straddle the fence saying, “should I” or “shouldn’t I.”  Stop it now! You are ready! I command you to wield anointed words and the sword of the Lord to defeat the enemies of your soul. He is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony.  
Begin to speak and proclaim Godly decrees over your spouse, your children and business, the church and its leaders, leaders in government, your city, this state and our nation. Decree it children! The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Shout it from the roof tops. We are the Lords and all His blessings belong to us. His Kingdom came, it is coming and it will continue coming until every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord.  
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